Retaining the Charm

When an addition to any building is planned, it should take into account the original structure. Rather than appending a giant square onto a small and charming cottage, the extra space should look as if it has always been there. It takes good planning by an architect to create just the right style for retaining the charm of the building while adding space. It may not be a requirement in the local building code, but it could make all the difference years down the road when it is time to sell the property.

Roof lines may be what people notice last, but they can be an important part of a structure. If they are chopped up when multiple additions are made, it can create a haphazard look. Refining the roof lines during a remodel could be considered an unnecessary expense, but it could also add its own value to the entire project. Keeping solid lines that look tidy is just one way to do the perfect remodel without making it look cheap and tasteless.

Space is often the reason for adding to a building, but it could be detrimental to add too much size to the outside. A good addition adds interior space without overwhelming the outside structure. There are ways to make a building look smaller on the outside, and they should be used to help minimize the look of intrusion. It is an investment in the beauty of the property for future sales.

Size is often less of a concern for people eager to enjoy more space and privacy within their home, but it should be at the forefront of their thoughts during the design process. Adding that interior space is important, but the home could eventually be up for sale. Taking that into account when designing an addition could add years of viability to the home for the family, but it could also add to their profit when selling after the family has grown and moved on.